DIY Easter Bunny Fabric Favor Bags
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DIY Easter Bunny Favor Bags

Simply put, I love setting a table! I feel there’s just something special about creating a space that welcomes people to gather and enjoy each other. This Easter tablescape was accomplished thanks to a few easy DIYs like my Gold Foil Easter Eggs, Tissue Paper Candles and my latest creation—Easter Bunny Favor Bags. These come a little late, but I posted a picture on Instagram and got questions so I figured you all could either do a last minute project or Pin for next year!

I created a free print-it-yourself Easter Bunny Favor Bag Sewing Template to make it easy to cut out your bunny, making this a very easy sewing project. So indeed, you could accomplish it even if it’s the night before Easter morning.

Easter Table with DIY Easter Bunny Favor

Easter Table Ideas including a DIY Bunny Favor Bag and Gold Foil Easter Eggs

DIY Easter Bunny Favor Bag and other Easter table ideas

Easter Bunny Favor Bags



See below for detailed pictures of some of the steps.

  1. Cut out two 6″ x 8.5″ rectangles from your white linen/cotton fabric. I like to use a ruler and roll cutter, but you could also use the template. If using the template, just cut out the triangle opening while you are at it and skip step 2.
  2. Pin large triangle to the top of both rectangles and cut out triangle (per placement in the template).
  3. Fray all edges of each piece, less than a 1/4 inch.
  4. With your coordinating fabric, cut out two small triangles (A and B in the template). Also cut (or rip) a strip of fabric approximately 3/4″ x 11″ for your bag’s tie.
  5. Pin both small triangles inside the “ears” to one of your white linen/cotton pieces. Top stitch around each triangle using about a 1/8″ seam.
  6. Pin your white linen pieces (wrong sides together) and sew along the long sides and bottom of your bag (keeping the triangle cutout open). Use a 1/4″ seam allowance, basically where your fraying stopped.
  7. Fill your bag with jelly beans or other favor item and tie closed.  Once tied closed it will look like bunny ears!

DIY Easter Bunny Favor Bag via Tonality Designs

DIY Easter Bunny Favor Bag via Tonality Designs

DIY Bunny Favor Bag via Tonality Designs

Teal chevron plates found at Target and the “Happy Easter” paper cocktail napkins were from HomeGoods. I got really lucky that the napkins even had the touch of gold!Easter Table Ideas including a DIY Bunny Favor Bag and Gold Foil Easter Eggs

Flower arrangement were made using white lilacs, ranunculus, tulips and small green hydrangeas. I then hid a few of my DIY Gold Foil Easter Eggs in the arrangement as well.

Download the Free Print-It-Yourself Files from this post

Easter Bunny Favor Bag Sewing Template

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