DIY Wine Bag for the Fourth of July
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DIY Fourth of July Reversible Wine Bag

So I think this white linen wine bag is officially my signature look. I originally created the wine bag tutorial for Valentine’s Day, then made one for St. Paddy’s Day and now my latest handmade wine bag is just in time for the Fourth of July. And this time, I added an appliqué not only to the white linen but also I sewed one to the inside liner as well, making the wine bag reversible. So the Star Wine Bag above is actually the reverse of the Flag Wine Bag (also pictured above). Isn’t that fun?

You could make your design with any fabrics, but while at Jo-Ann Fabric, I fell in love with the red and white striped shirting fabric as well as the jean fabric and from there I knew a flag was born. Choosing unique fabrics, like the linen, shirting fabric and jean fabrics, what make the wine bag look like something I could have purchased at Pottery Barn or Target. Keep that in mind when picking your own fabrics.

This is a great project for beginning sewers and if you are a skilled sewer, this bag will be super easy and something you could create in under 30 minutes.

DIY Fourth of July Wine Bag - Reversible! from Tonality Designs


  • Linen fabric – 1 piece 6.5″ x 32″ (OR 2 pieces, size 6.5″ x 16.25″) (You can make four bags out of a 1/2 yard of fabric)
  • Coordinating cotton fabric – 1 piece 12″ x 16″ (I used a red and white striped shirting fabric)
  • Corrdinating fabrics for the appliqués (I used the red and white striped shirting fabric and a jean fabric)
  • 1″ x 18″ piece of coordinating fabric for tie (could also use pom-pom fringe or ribbon)
  • FREE Fourth of July Appliqué Template
  • Coordinating thread
  • Sewing machine


  1. Cut your pieces of fabric according to the above measurements.
  2. Cut your appliqué pieces using my FREE template. For the flag, I recommend a red and white fabric for the large rectangle (use template of cut a 3″ x 4.25″ rectangle) and a blue and white fabric for the small rectangle (use the template or cut a 1.5″ x 2″ rectangle). For the star, use just the large star or layer the smaller star on top of the large star. It really is fun all the different designs you can do.
  3. We will start with the outer bag (the white linen fabric). Fray the edges of your linen fabric, so you have a 1/4″ fringe on all sides. I used a seam riper to help. (NOTE: If doing two pieces of linen, only fray three sides of each piece, leaving one short 6.5″ edge not frayed so you can sew the bottom seam. Put right sides together and sew along the 6.5″ side that was not frayed, creating the bottom seam of your bag.)
  4. Fold your linen in half wrong sides together the short way so your piece measures 6.5″ x  16″. Measure 4.5″ from the fold line. Pin on your large flag piece so the bottom of the rectangle aligns with the 4.5″ mark. Make sure you only pin to the top layer of the folded fabric. Also pin the smaller flag rectangle so it aligns with the top right-hand corner of the large rectangle. NOTE: you could also use the star appliqué for the white linen – the possibilities are endless.
  5. Unfold your linen and top stitch the flag onto your linen about an 1/8″ from the raw edge of your heart. Be sure to go around all the outer edges and also the inner edges of the smaller rectangle. (If you are concerned about fraying—although it’s part of the look—you can use a zig zag stitch or hand appliqué your flag.)
  6. Fold your linen in half again, WRONG SIDES together the short way so your piece measures 6.5″ x 16″ and your flag is on the outside. Top stitch along both 16″ sides right along the frayed edges, it’s about a 1/4″ seam allowance.
  7. Now you’re going to do the liner or inner bag (your coordinating fabric, here it’s the red and white shirting fabric).  If doing the star appliqué, first fold the liner piece in half the long way so you can center your large star and pin it so the bottom is 4.5″ from the bottom. Make sure you only pin to the top layer of fabric. Top stitch your star.
  8.  Now  you need to remember to fold your fabric RIGHT SIDES together. So fold your coordinating cotton in half, right sides together the long way so your piece measures 6″ x 16″.  Sew down the 16″ raw edge and the 6″ raw edge.
  9. Keep your liner bag so that it is wrong sides out and place inside the outer bag. Align the seam of the liner bag to one of the seams on the outer bag. Fold the inner bag under about 1/2″ and pin in place. Then top stitch together using a 1/8″ to 1/4″ seam allowance. (If needed, see my original Valentine’s Day Bag for a picture of this step.)
  10. Now all you need is to decide which side you are going to use and get a nice bottle of wine! Place your bottle inside the bag and tie shut using your coordinating fabric tie. Cheers!
DIY Fourth of July Wine Bag - Reversible! from Tonality Designs

The drinking glasses are from Crate & Barrel and are their Josie Double Old-Fashion Glass. I think they are a perfect, casual wine glass option for summertime. The galvanized tray is also from Crate & Barrel and has a fab red star on the inside that you sadly can’t see in this photo, but you can here.


DIY Fourth of July Wine Bag - Reversible! from Tonality Designs

A detailed shot! I just love the look of the frayed edges.

Fourth of July Tablescape and DIY Wine Bag

DIY Fourth of July Wine Bag & Sugar Party Straws

This is the perfect addition to any Fourth of July BBQs. In fact, you could make a couple so you can keep one and give the other to a friend.

I’m currently visiting family in Ohio so during this photo shoot there were many a photo bombs by my niece and nephew. I don’t know how you mommy bloggers do it, but it was pretty funny! They really knew right where to jump in. I’m very happy I get to be here with them through the Fourth of July. They bring so much joy!

Download the free print-it-yourself files in this post

Fourth of July Appliqué Template

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