DIY Metallic Mason Jar Lids: Perfect for Kitchen Decor and Gifts
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DIY Metallic Mason Jar Lids

This DIY really doesn’t need a tutorial because it’s so simple, but I figured it would allow people to Pin the idea so they wouldn’t forget. I was inspired by the come back of using gold, bronze and brass faucets and other fixtures in the kitchen (see my Pinterest page here for amazing examples). However, if you can’t afford a fancy renovation or are a renter like me, you can still introduce metallics to your kitchen through accessories. And what cheaper accessory is a mason jar? I use them all the time for storing nuts, flour, sugar, left overs, etc. So with that, I figured why not elevate the look with a little spray paint.

DIY Metallic Mason Jar Lids via Tonality Designs

I’ve seen people spray paint the actual jars, but I like the clear glass and wanted the jars to still be dishwasher safe. Yet, I decided the lids were fair game. I really love the results. It’s a small detail with big impact. At least to my detail lovin’ self. And I’m addicted. I even spray painted the lid of the larger jar (the one with flour in the first picture). It was only $4 from Target, but originally had a silver lid. I’ve seen glass canister sets with bronze or gold accents sold at Target and other stores for over $30 for a set of three. This idea is way cheaper and just as cute—dare I say cuter?

DIY Metallic Mason Jar Lids via Tonality Designs


  • Spray paint (I used Krylon Metallic Copper and Gold from Michael’s)
  • Mason jars (or any glass jar with a metal lid)
  • Paper bag (or other material that you can spray on) If using a paper bag, be sure to cut it open so it can lay flat and you utilize all of the bag.

DIY Metallic Mason Jar Lids via Tonality Designs


Are you ready for how hard this is? (Insert sarcasm here!) Outside or in a well ventilated space, lay out your lid pieces on your paper bag. (If using more than one color, be sure to have a separate area to spray each color.) Then spray your pieces. Do a couple coats (let dry between coats). And that’s it.

DIY Metallic Mason Jar Lids via Tonality Designs

Such a small detail, but it totally changes it up. I think it would also look amazing if you used a bright white spray paint or other accent color in a gloss finish. For example, my sister Megan would love red lids where my sister Sarah would probably love the gold or perhaps a teal blue.

DIY Metallic Mason Jar Lids via Tonality Designs

I may just bake more just so I can look at these beauties! I just love details like this.

DIY Metallic Mason Jar Lids via Tonality Designs

I started #SmallTouchesMakeAHome on Instagram and this project totally lives up to that!

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