DIY Sugar Party Straws
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Up Your Straw Game & Make Sugar Party Straws

Party straws are everywhere now and seem to be a staple for any stylish party. I remember when these paper straws were a novelty and super hard to find; however, the cute paper straws now come in a variety of designs and are readily available at most big box stores like Target, Michaels or Oriental Trading Company. The straws are cute as is, but it’s always fun to think of new ways to embellish this party favorite. So when my niece MacKenzie wanted to make her own kid mock-tail, I thought our first step should be what we are calling Sugar Party Straws. These paper straws are sure to become all the rage.

When I made Strawberry Mint Margaritas for my sister Sarah’s birthday party my niece Mackenzie really wanted a kid version. We ended up making her one and then started plotting about what we could make together for me to blog about. We decided on a Blackberry Lemon Slush, but we needed a fun garnish. Inspired by Mackie’s love of all things sugar (especially rock candy), we decided to not only rim our glasses with sugar, but to make Sugar Party Straws. The project is so easy and really adds a special touch that all kids are bound to get a kick out of—adults too.

With it being July 4th weekend, we went with a variety of red, white and blue party straws, but really this project can be for any party. Just buy straws that match your party theme.

DIY Sugar Party Straws via Tonality Designs

Can you tell my partner-in-crime was pretty excited about the results?

DIY Sugar Party Straws via Tonality Designs

Here’s How You Make the Sugar Party Straws


  • Paper party straws
  • Agave syrup or honey
  • White sugar sprinkles (or try colors or even shapes)
  • Cotton fabric strips or ribbon (optional)


See below for detailed pictures of the steps.

  1. Make sure you wash your hands. Mackie often used her fingers to rub on the agave syrup, but I recommend a brush. Take a straw and brush on agave syrup (or honey) to one end of your straw. We did about 1 to 1.5 inches of the top of our straw.
  2. Dip straw in sprinkles and then place in jar or cup to dry.
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for all your straws.
  4. Once you have your sugar straws, tie on ribbon or fabric strip for a flag. We used a variety of ripped cotton strips about 1/4″ wide. To tie on, fold your fabric or ribbon in half and then wrap the loose ends around the straw and through the folded loop. Pull ends until tight. This type of knot (sorry I don’t know what it’s called) will allow your fabric or ribbon to ‘fly’ like a flag.

DIY Sugar Party Straws via Tonality Designs

DIY Sugar Party Straws via Tonality Designs

DIY Sugar Party Straws via Tonality Designs

DIY Sugar Party Straws via Tonality Designs

She’s so proud! Perhaps we have a little blogger in the making?!

DIY Sugar Party Straws via Tonality Designs

For even more sugar goodness rim your glasses too. Just rub each glass with a slice of lemon. Pour sprinkles on a saucer and then dip each glass in the sprinkles. Easy peasy!

Up next, Mackie’s Blackberry Lemon Slush so you have something to fill your glass! Or for an alcohol cocktail, try one of our other drink recipes like Strawberry Mint Margaritas.

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