Blackberry Lemon Slush Recipe
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Mackie’s Blackberry Lemon Slush

Okay, I’m usually posting cocktail ideas, but since I’m in Ohio visiting family my niece Mackenzie requested a kid-friendly party drink. Instead of it being just my creation, I enlisted her help and we came up with this Blackberry Lemon Slush as well as cool Sugar Party Straws to garnish each glass. (See my earlier post regarding the straws here.)

It took a little trial and error to get just the right tart to sweet ratio, but I think young and old will enjoy this drink. After all, we did taste test on a group ranging from eight to 75. And I’ll admit, a few of us added a shot of Blueberry Vodka. What can I say, if consuming this many sugar calories, it might as well be a cocktail!

Mackie's Blackberry Lemon Slush via Tonality Designs


  • 2/3 cup fresh lemon juice
  • 2 cups blackberries
  • 1 cup water
  • 2/3 to 1 cup agave syrup (Add to taste)
  • 5 cups ice


  1. In blender, combine lemon juice and blackberries. Blend until smooth. Once mixed, you can continue as is or you can strain your mixture to remove the blackberry seeds. It’s up to you. (Our strainer wasn’t the right size so we skipped the straining and the seeds didn’t really bother any of us.)
  2. Add water, agave syrup and ice to your blackberry/lemon mixture. Blend until smooth. Be sure to add the agave syrup to taste. I recommend starting with about 1/2 cup and then adding as you go depending on how sour or sweet you want it.
  3. Enjoy! We enjoyed ours in sugar rimmed glasses with DIY Sugar Party Straws that we made! See my earlier post for the how-to instructions.

Mackie's Blackberry Lemon Slush via Tonality Designs

Mackie's Blackberry Lemon Slush via Tonality Designs

This is a perfect 4th of July drink option. Especially with our DIY Sugar Party Straws.

Mackie's Blackberry Lemon Slush via Tonality Designs

Thanks Mackie Moo for inspiring such a fun project!


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