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New Baby Shower Invites on Etsy

We’ve been welcoming some new babies into my family lately so I have some new designs now available on Etsy. I’ll be adding coordinating party accessories soon.

First up: No Pink Allowed! My cousin Cristina already had two super cute girls at home and was expecting a boy. She didn’t really need any of the big items, but definitely was in need of boy clothes and toys. Playing off the idea of a boy’s “No Girls Allowed” Club House, “No Pink Allowed” was born. I have pictures of the shower that I’ll share soon. Also, baby boy Justin was born happy and healthy at the beginning of August.

Next: Sunshine Baby Shower: Welcome to the World! This shower is still in the works (being held October 16th), but I had to share the invite. I really want to share the other stuff I’m creating, but I know the mother-to-be Kathryn reads my blog! Kathryn is a really close family friend and I’m honored to get to help her sisters and mom with the shower. Kathryn requested that nothing be too girly and noted that she was using golden yellow and gray in the baby’s room. With the mention of yellow I couldn’t get away from thinking about sunshine, so a whimsical sun instantly became the center of our theme. And now, I can offer a great gender-neutral shower theme on Etsy! More to come from this theme after October 16th!

Lastly: Tortoise & Hare Baby Shower! This design was created a couple years ago, but since I didn’t have an Etsy store then, the design is like brand new again. Originally created for my cousin Brian and his wife Mayumi, the Tortoise and Hare theme is whimsical and another gender-neutral option. To see a couple pictures of this shower, here’s a link to the baby shower game we played.

So that’s the 3 new Etsy offers! Go baby!

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