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No Pink Allowed Baby Boy Shower!

So I can’t believe it, my No Pink Allowed Baby Boy Shower Invite is proving to be my top seller on Etsy! I loved the idea, but since it’s not a traditional invitation I didn’t think others would be as taken with it – boy was I wrong. That said, it’s about time I posted the pictures from the actually shower we held for my cousin Cristina. These party accessories are now available on Etsy too!

Tonality_No_Pink_Allowed_Decor-1Inspired by a boy’s clubhouse (hence, the play on “No Girls Allowed”), we wanted our decor to be elegant yet scream BOY! For the centerpieces, we planted white flowers in galvanized buckets. We then created plant sticks with different boy inspired sayings and quotes. And for the final boy touch, we added plastic bugs and reptiles that we spray painted blue. The spray painted bugs are an easy DIY project that I’ll post separtely soon.


We love using the DIY Ruffle Streamers that we found on MADE.

For dessert we had “dirt” cupcakes with worms (we wanted to make sure everything was baby boy approved). I love the different toppers, especially “God made dirt so dirt don’t hurt!”

For favors: Homemade chocolate chip cookies made by my cousin Marisa. They are THE BEST! I really like the motherly advise we gave out with the cookies!

And the wait is over! Baby boy Justin is now the youngest member of our family!

The “No Pink Allowed” Invite and “No Pink Allowed” Party Accessories are now available on Etsy. (BTW, we did actually have some decor items that said “No Pink Allowed,” but for some reason I have no pictures of said items. Go figure.)

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