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Nutcracker Birthday Party

My niece, MacKenzie, was born on December 27th and since the day she was born my sister has always worried that MacKenzie’s birthday would be overlooked because of Christmas. Yet of course we don’t let that happen, as you can tell by this 5th birthday soiré. Inspired by MacKenzie’s new love of ballet, we did a Nutcracker Birthday.

Nutcracker Birthday Party Invite — Tonality Designs

Nutcracker Birthday Invite — Tonality Designs

The invitation read:

Point your toes and plié, as we get ready to wish
MacKenzie a happy 5th birthday!
It’s right after Christmas, so the Nutcracker is still here
To dance and to shower Mackie with fun birthday cheer!

Nutcracker Birthday Party — Tonality Designs

As for the decorations, luckily my sister always goes along with my crazy ideas. So she willingly collected over 20 nutcrackers, and with her husbands help, they transformed the traditional Christmas decorations into funky, bright colored birthday nutcrackers. They were oh, so fabulously funky. And we didn’t stop there, of cousre we had beautiful flowers, fake snow, paper snow flakes and all the custom paper details I designed with the ballerina drawing of Mackenzie.

Nutcracker Birthday Party — Tonality Designs

Nutcracker Birthday Party - Ballerina Decoration — Tonality Designs

Nutcracker Birthday Party — Party Printables — Tonality Designs

Nutcracker Birthday Party — Tonality Designs

Nutcracker Birthday Party — Tonality Designs



One of the activites was cookie decorating!

Nutcracker Birthday Party — Coloring Sheets — Tonality Designs

Another activity was coloring our custom ballerina coloring sheets!


Nutcracker Birthday Party — Custom Coloring Sheets — Tonality Designs

Nutcracker Birthday Party — Cupcake Toppers — Tonality Designs



Nutcracker Birthday Party — Tonality Designs

Nutcracker Birthday Party — Tonality Designs

I really loved how the mantel turned out! MacKenzie has her very own birthday stocking and we added, bright, colored ornaments, custom mini banner, snow flakes and our ballerina topper.


The birthday girl and me! What a fun day — I love you Mackie Moo!

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