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DIY Metallic Mason Jar Wraps — Plus Peony Love!

Woohoo! Peonies in season and just in time for a fun girl’s night out baby shower. I think I created my prettiest table to date. And would you guess this elegant table used mason jars as the vases? Yes, each of the beautiful metallic vases were actually an easy DIY Mason Jar Wrap that I created. Just proof that mason jars don’t only have to be wrapped in burlap.

And where many baby shower’s focus on the baby’s needs, this shower focused on the mom. Already a mother of two boys, our mom just needed a night out to enjoy her closest family and friends. And going super elegant with the decor made sure she felt like a queen for the night.

DIY Metallic Mason Jar Wraps — Tonality Designs


  • Mason jar or other jar, can, vase, etc.
  • Fabric (I used a metallic gold fabric)
  • Heavy fusible interfacing
  • Ruler


  1. Measure height and circumference of your jar.
  2. For the interfacing: You will need to experiment with the perfect width for wrapping around your jar, but start by adding 1″ to the circumference and cutout piece of interfacing.
  3. For the fabric: Add 1″ to the height and 1″ to the circumference and cutout your fabric piece.
  4. Iron fabric to the interfacing leaving 0.5″ of fabric on the top and bottom. Follow the directions on your interfacing. (Note: if using a metallic fabric, do mot iron directly on the metallic material. Protect your material using a t-shirt or cotton fabric.)
  5. Now fold over the 0.5″ on the top and bottom and iron to the reverse side.
  6. Fold in half aligning short ends together with right sides together. Sew a 0.25″ seam.
  7. Reverse so right sides are out. Slip over your jar and fill jar with flowers!

Note: if adding 1″ to the circumference width was too much or too little, adjust accordingly for your next wrap.

PEONY love — Tonality Designs

PEONY love — Tonality Designs

PEONY love — Tonality DesignsPEONY love — Tonality Designs

PEONY love — Tonality Designs

Mercury glass votives were the finishing touch to this enchanting table.

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  1. […] Were you curious about where I got the Gold Vases? Party hack!!! I created mason jar wraps using a variety of gold fabrics fused to heavy interfacing. They were originally made to fit over large and small mason jars, but now I just use any jar that fits – like a pickle jar! Click here to see the easy DIY instructions. […]

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