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Pirate Birthday Party Kids Crafts

Doing a craft at a kids party is always a great way to keep the kids entertained and dare I say “contained.” You feel me? Kids can get a little wild so it’s nice to distract them for awhile with a craft.

That said, we had fun making our own pirates and pirate ships during our latest Pirate Birthday Party. To make your own, just download my free Make Your Own Pirates & Pirate Ship Printable .

The print-it-yourself PDF file is 2 pages. Page one is for the Pirate Craft and page two is for the Pirate Ship Craft. The printable includes instructions and a material list.

If using these for a party, we recommend setting up each place setting with the materials needed for the craft (material list provided on the printable). We also had some items (like scissors, glue, tape, markers) as community items in cans on the table.

NOTE: Even though you only need two paper straws per pirate, we gave the kids a bunch to choose from so they could be creative with their colors and patterns. We tied the straws, dowel rod and pipe cleaners together with a ribbon.

Pirate Birthday Party with Party Printables by Tonality Designs

DIY Pirate & Pirate Ship Kids Craft

DIY Make Your Own Pirates & Pirate Ship

Pirate Party Printables & FREE Kid Craft Download by Tonality Designs

Tip when doing a craft at a party: Always have extra materials on hand OR if you don’t want to set your table(s) with the craft, make a station with all the materials available.

Pirate Birthday Party with Party Printables by Tonality Designs

Be sure to see my Pirate Birthday Party post for all the other party details.

Download the Free Print-It-Yourself File Used in this Post

Make Your Own Pirate Ship & Pirates

We would also love to see your creations. Please be sure to follow me on Instagram (@TonalityDesgins), upload your creations and tag me.

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