Pirate Birthday Party with Party Printables by Tonality Designs
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Pirate Birthday Party

Are you ready to p-arrr-ty? Our Pirate Birthday Party Printables allow you to create a fun kid’s party and follow my philosophy that a kid’s table is less about eating (unless cake) and all about fun! This party package has been a big hit for us and we’ve revamped the collection to include even more.

The collection has files for: treasure map table runners, 5 pirate ship centerpieces, multiple options for toppers/tags, blank labels and table tents, 5″ party circles, favor tags, pennant banner and pattern papers.

In addition, my next post will feature a free print-it-yourself kids craft to Make Your Own Pirates & Pirate Ship.

Pirate Birthday Party with Party Printables by Tonality Designs

Setting the table

Start with the Treasure Map Table Runner. My kid’s parties always feature custom coloring sheets, but this print-it-yourself Treasure Map Table Runner takes it to a new level! Our Pirate Party Etsy Collection includes a drawing of a Treasure Map on 8.5 x 11″ paper that when blown up 300% makes the perfect table runner for your guests to color. And the plot print only costs about $3 so it’s easy, affordable, adorable and fun!

Take note of the plates. Unless your kid begs for character plates, I say stick with colors that go with your theme. And don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns.  Our pirate party colors are black and white with the three primary colors (RED, YELLOW & BLUE). You’ll see these colors, as well as a mixture of stripes and dot patterns, used throughout the whole party.

Remember your neutrals. White doesn’t mean boring. It gives your eye a place to rest and allows your colors and party printables to stand out.  We also used black as a neutral that helps tie everything together.

Pirate Birthday Party DIY Printable by Tonality Designs

Create a DIY Pirate Ship centerpiece. I try really hard to create creative decor ideas that are easy for even the non-crafter. And trust me—the Pirate Ship Centerpiece may look complicated but it is easy peasy! You can see my original pirate party post for the instructions as well as a way to make it without the print-it-yourself printable. However, the process to make the ships is made even easier if you buy the Etsy collection. Plus you’ll get five ship designs and two are customized with your child’s name and age.

Add pirate characters of your child. The pirate ship is complete with the birthday boys as pirates. Who doesn’t like a character of themselves on a stick? So fun, right? This customized option is also available on Etsy as part of the complete collection or as a separate offer.

Final table touches. Flanking the DIY Pirate Ship are two of the six 5″ Party Circles provided in our collection. We attached them to 12″ sticks covered with a colorful paper straw, added white curling ribbon, attached another circle on the back to make them double-sided and then inserted them into small mason jars filled with sand.

Pirate Birthday Party with Party Printables by Tonality Designs

Pirate Party Printables & FREE Kid Craft Download by Tonality Designs

Do a craft with the kids

We added more fun to the table by adding a craft for them to do! Every child got the supplies to Make Their Own Pirates & Pirate Ship. In order to make it inviting to the kids, we set up each place setting with all the supplies needed to make the craft and even personalized them with their names. A few tips to keep in mind when doing a craft: 1) Always have extra materials available. 2) If you don’t want to set up your table(s) with the craft stuff, create a station with all the materials. The complete instructions as well as the free print-it-yourself pirate printable is available on my post Pirate Birthday Party Kids Craft.

Pirate Birthday Party Printables by Tonality Designs

Party Favors Tips

Don’t have matching bags? No worries, just use good old lunch bags. We taped on our favor tag and allowed guests to take home their craft supplies from their craft. Also, the craft was a pretty good favor!


And we didn’t forget about dessert! Cupcakes featured more of our topper/tag designs. And another general TIP: I know dessert tables are the “big thing” these days, and I love them too, but for a kid’s party I recommend keeping the dessert under wraps until you’re ready to serve! Let’s face it, once kids see sweets that’s all they want, and rightly so! Plus, I remember as a kid the cake reveal was such a big part of a birthday party.

Pirate Birthday Party with Party Printables by Tonality Designs

Pirate Birthday Party DIY Printable by Tonality Designs

Pirate Birthday Party Printable by Tonality Designs

And my favorite part about creating a kid’s table—seeing it destroyed and enjoyed!

Don’t forget to check out our complete Pirate P-arrr-ty Collection on Etsy!

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