Print-It-Yourself Tips

Not sure how to download and print my Print-It-Yourself Printables? You’re not alone. I often hear from followers, “I love your printable, but I don’t know how to access the file or how to print it.” I’m here to tell you the process is easier than you may think. Below are the three steps you’ll take in order to download, print and create from files available on my site. Included within the steps are tips to follow if wanting to recreate one of the many DIY projects I have that uses printables. These tips apply to both the free downloads and the paid files I sell on my Etsy shop.

How to Use Print-It-Yourself Files in Just 3 Steps

Printing Instructions for Print-It-Yourself Printable Files available on Tonality Designs

1: Download Your File

To make it easy for you, just go to Free Downloads to browse all the projects that include a free printable. Click on the project you want to make. Within the blog post there will be several call outs for downloading your free file. However, to make it really easy for you to find, just scroll to the very bottom of the post. At the bottom of every post there will be a section that says Download Free Files Used In This Post. The links for all the files you need for the project will be available there. Just click the link you want and your PDF file will open in a separate window. You’ll then be able to save the PDF file to your desktop. Each web browser shows the saving process a little different so please refer to your web browser help section if you don’t know how to save your PDF file.

2: Print Your File

Once you have the file downloaded, you can print your file at home or a local printer like FedEx Office or Staples. Most files are set up to print on standard letter size (8.5″ x 11″) paper unless otherwise specified. As for paper, a majority of the projects require sturdiness. For example, you don’t want to print cupcake toppers on regular paper because they won’t have the sturdiness needed to stand up straight on your cupcakes. That’s why I recommend printing on white cardstock for most projects. You can buy cardstock by the ream at Staples. Not sure what to buy, just ask the Staple’s worker in their print shop. They can show you exactly what they use.

If printing at your local printer like Staples or FedEx Office, just take your file on a flash drive to your printer. Tell them you have a file you want printed on white cardstock. They are usually able to help you as you wait. Note: printing is cheaper if you bring in your own cardstock. So if you do a lot of printing, I recommend you buy a ream of cardstock even if going to a printer.

You can also upload your file to an online printer. Just follow the instructions on the online printer’s website.

3: Create & Decorate

Once you’ve printed your file, you can create and decorate to your heart’s content. Most files require you to cut out your final creation. If you don’t have a Cricut or Silhouette cutter, no worries! I don’t have a fancy cutting machine either. I use four options for cutting:

  1. Scissors
  2. X-acto knife, ruler and cutting mat
  3. Slide cutter
  4. Have the printer do the cutting

If the design is all straight edges, I recommend you use options 2-4. FedEx Office usually has a slide cutter for customers to use. Staples does not allow customers to use their slide cutter. If cutting a large stack of the same design, FedEx Office and Staples have industrial cutting machines. They charge for the cutting, but totally worth it if you have a lot of pages.

For specific project instructions, refer back to the original post where you downloaded the file.

Does this Answer your questions?

I hope this article helped answer your downloading and printing questions, but of course contact me directly if you are still having problems. From saving the file to what’s the best cutting method, I’m here to help!