DIY Lemon Sorbet Cups
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DIY Lemon Sorbet Cups

Refreshing and sweet, all wrapped up in a natural bowl—equals a win in my book! I’m always trying to think of really easy, but really cute dessert ideas. Serving sorbet in fruit is always such a clever idea, but I especially loved this idea for summer gatherings because they are  not only light and refreshing, but also something something you can easily do ahead of time. Doing it ahead of time allows you to just pop them out of the freezer when it’s time for dessert. You’ll look so fancy, when in fact it just takes a little prep work and a few lemons.

DIY Lemon Sorbet Cups via Tonality Designs

If you have a lemon tree, this is so perfect for you as you can go gather your largest lemons. However, if you have to buy your lemons like I did, instead of buying a bag of lemons, I suggest hand picking your lemons so that you can get the largest ones. It also  ensures that all your lemons will be about the same size and none are too small.


  • Large Lemons, washed (1 per serving)
  • Your Favorite Lemon Sorbet (1 pint fills about 4 lemons)
  • Mint leaves (optional, for garnish)


DIY Lemon Sorbet Cups via Tonality Designs

  1. In order to make your lemon stand on its own, you’ll need to cut a small sliver off one end to create a flat end. Be careful not to cut through the pith as you still want your lemon to have a closed bottom.
  2. Cut a larger slice from the other end to create the top of your ‘cup’. I cut about one-third from the top, so you’re left with about two-thirds of your lemon. With the one-third scrap of lemon, slice and cute into wedges that you can use for garnish.
    DIY Lemon Sorbet Cups via Tonality Designs
    DIY Lemon Sorbet Cups via Tonality Designs
  3. Using a serrated knife, cut around the inside of the pith. Then, using a spoon or grapefruit spoon, scoop out the inside of the lemon. Put the lemon ‘guts’ (for lack of a better word) in a bowl or cup as you’ll have a lot of juice you could use for something else (like lemonade).
    DIY Lemon Sorbet Cups via Tonality Designs
  4. Fill your cup with your lemon sorbet. My lemons were large enough to hold exactly 1/2 cup which is one serving of sorbet.
  5. Freeze your filled lemon cups if not serving immediately. I placed mine on a cookie sheet covered in foil and then placed in freezer. Once ready to serve, garnish with lemon slice and mint leaf. The lemon slice actually proved to be a great natural spoon! Enjoy.
DIY Lemon Sorbet Cups via Tonality Designs

These cups are a simple added touch that has great impact! I love details like this because it shows you took the time to think of your guests, but you don’t have to spend a lot of time to execute it. Especially since we used store-bought sorbet. I’m a semi-homemade kind of girl.

DIY Lemon Sorbet Cups via Tonality Designs

I hope this got your summer dessert ideas flowing. Of course you could fill your cups with any treat you like. To be honest, I almost did chocolate ice cream in mine. Plus, why not try it with oranges and grapefruits—oh the possibilities!

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