JORD Frankie35 Dark Sandlewood & Slate Wood Watch

JORD Wood Watch $100 Giveaway

I’m excited to announce that I’ve teamed up again with JORD Wood Watch to do a giveaway. What’s extra special about this giveaway is that everyone’s a winner. Everyone who enters will receive a $25 gift voucher just for entering. And one grand prize winner will receive a $100 gift voucher. So it’s win-win for everyone! Enter the giveaway here to win a gift voucher towards your next wood watch purchase.

JORD Frankie35 Dark Sandlewood & Slate Wood Watch

Although I’m not a fashion blogger, I love teaming with JORD because their unique style reflects all the things I love about design. They are all about form AND function, a winning combo for design! JORD has worked hard at creating unique wooden watches that are both stylish and made with the highest quality materials. They value both sustainability and efficiency. The use of unique materials like 100% natural, hard-finished woods and metallic dial accents, makes me feel like I’m wearing my home style on my wrist. How cool is that?

JORD Frankie35 Dark Sandlewood & Slate Wood Watch

These unique women’s and men’s watches are available in a variety of styles. I picked the Frankie35 Dark Sandalwood & Slate watch. It’s ultra slim case paired with the clean slate face makes for a classic look that will go with anything I wear this fall. And trust me, you will get endless compliments on your wooden watch.

JORD Frankie Wood Watch

Before getting the Frankie35, I already was the proud owner of the Frankie Zebrawood and Champagne wood watch. It was hands down my favorite accessory and now it only competes with my new watch.

JORD Frankie35 Dark Sandlewood & Slate Wood Watch

Questions I usually get asked when people compliment my watch:

  • Is it heavy? No! The wooden watch band is very light weight.
  • Is it water proof? Yes and no. The wood has been treated to be splash proof, but I wouldn’t suggest swimming in your watch.
  • Does it come in men styles? Yes! Most styles are uni-sex, but they definitely have both men’s watches and women’s watches
  • Where do I get one?

JORD Frankie35 Dark Sandlewood & Slate Wood Watch

So are you as excited as I am about JORD? If so, I hope you’ll enter to win your $100 gift voucher (and don’t forget, everyone will win a $25 gift voucher just for entering). Just enter before October 1st. Enter here. Good luck!

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