DIY Halloween Wine Bag
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DIY Quilted Wine Bag

So, I actually made these bags last year because my parents gave me the adorable witch’s shoes bottle stopper and I wanted a way to showcase it. I always meant to write a tutorial for the how-to, but life often gets away from me. But now, I found the time to write a quick tutorial and I hope you’ll find it useful.

DIY Halloween Wine Bag

With the witch’s shoes as my inspiration, I wanted to create a wine bag to resemble what a witch could wear and I thought of dark tattered clothing. With that, I thought why couldn’t I create my own fabric in a sense by ripping other fabrics and quilting them into a cool pattern. I love the results and actually think it would work even without the “witch’s shoes” in mind. For example, you could use any leftover quilting fabrics you have and create a matching wine bag. How cute would that be?!

Then, once I got creating, I of course kept going. At a party you often offer both red and white wine so I thought having a bag for each would be fun and so the white “mummy” bag version was created. This bag was slightly different as I used mainly white strips and didn’t quilt them on. They are attached only by the seems of the bag and it really created another cool affect.

Lastly, be sure to check out my posts from last year for the FREE “Pick Your Poison” Bar Sign with matching “Blood Red” and “Wicked White” wine tags as well as the tutorial for the fun Skull Drink Garnishes.


  • Main cotton fabric – two pieces, size 6.5″ x 16.25″; I used black for both the black bag and white bag but you can use any color that goes with your fabrics. (You can make four bags out of a 1/2 yard of fabric)
  • Coordinating cotton fabrics for the quilting pattern, you’ll need about 28-30 strips that are 1″ x 7-8″ (For the black “witch” bag I used three black/gray patterned fabrics; for the white “mummy” bag I used mostly white cotton strips with one black and white polka-dot fabric mixed in)
  • 18″ piece of yarn or ribbon
  • Coordinating thread


Cut your main fabric. Cut out your main (black) cotton fabric pieces. This will be your base for your quilting pattern.

Rip your quilting strips. Rip 1″ strips of your coordinating fabrics that will make up your quilting pattern. Your stops will be longer than needed, but you can trim once you start layering. Never ripped fabric before? You are in for a treat. It’s so fun! It’s seriously one of my favorite things. Just cut a small slit in your fabric and then rip with a downward motion on one side of your slit mark. Your first rip will probably not be perfectly straight because our fabric is rarely cut perfectly; however, your following pieces should be perfect.

DIYHalloween Wine Bag

Layout your quilting strips. Here’s where your creativity comes into play. Using one of your black cotton pieces as a base, layer your ripped strips into a pattern that you like and pin into place. Your pieces can hang off the edge of your base piece. Repeat on your second black fabric piece.

DIY Halloween Wine Bag

Trim your excess fabric. Turn your pinned piece over so you see the wrong side. Using a ruler and rotary cutter, trim off the excess fabric that hangs over the edge of your pieces.

Optional: Quilt your pinned pieces. For the black “witch” bag, I wanted it to be a quilted look so I sewed each strip on with a 1/8″ seem allowance on both sides of each strip. TIP: don’t stop sewing between strips, just do it as one continuous sewing line by going along the edge of your bag to the next strip. For the white “mummy” bag, I wanted it to be more “mummy” like with looser pieces so I skipped the quilting step.

Sew your bag. Pin the right sides of your two quilted (or non-quilted pieces that are still pinned) together. Sew a 1/4″ seem along both long sides and one short side. Turn inside out and your bag is done. NOTE: I did not line these bags, but you can easily do that. Just see the liner how-to on my other wine bag tutorials, like my DIY Valentine’s Wine Bag.


Cheers! Add your bottle of wine and tie shut with your yarn or ribbon. And if you are doing these for Halloween, be sure to download the FREE Wine Tags. Enjoy!

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