FREE Easter Flags Printable and DIY Party Straws via Tonality Designs
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FREE Easter Printable & Why I love Printables

Download our Easter flags and tags print-it-yourself printables to dress up your paper straws, cupcakes, Easter baskets and more.

One of my goals for Tonality Designs is to not overwhelm you with over-the-top decor and DIY ideas, but to actually provide you with simple, practical and doable ideas. One way I deliver on that goal is to provide free print-it-yourself printables.  A printable is a fun, affordable, and fast way to add a little character to any gathering. And did I mention, they’re also perfect for when you need last-minute decor for an impromptu party?

First, What Is a Print-It-Yourself Printable?

A print-it-youself printable is usually a PDF file created for you to download and print at home or at your local printer like FedEx Office or Staples. They became a trend in the wedding and event planning market because it’s an affordable way to create custom invitations and party decor. When someone say’s they have a party printable or other downloadable file, it usually means they have a 8.5 x 11″ page you can download and print so that you have decor for your home or party. The final product varies from wall art to cupcake toppers, but the process is all the same. You download the file, print the file at home or at a local printer and then create the final product to decorate your space.

Why am I all about Print-It-Yourself Printables?

They’re cute and customizable. Printables provide well thought out designs that are often nicer than anything you can find in big box stores. I offer a lot of pre-made designs, but you can also customize them to your needs. For example, like a design, but not the colors? Just request a custom color combo! Designers will usually oblige. I know I do. You can also customize designs with your name, meaningful sayings, your pictures, your theme, and the list goes on. If you don’t see what you like in a store or online, contact me. I’m guessing I probably have something you need on my computer or can create something pretty quick for you. I’ve been doing this for awhile now.

They’re affordable. Of course the free printables are especially affordable, but even the ones you pay for are cheaper and cuter than most things you can find in the store. I provide a bunch of free downloads on my blog, but I also have PDF files available for sell on Etsy. The prices on my Etsy offerings range from $5-15 for custom individual files and $10-30 for complete party packages. Printing is also affordable. You can print the files at home or take to your local printer like Staples or FedEx Office.

They’re doable. Unlike a lot of ideas we pin to Pinterest in hopes of doing some day yet never get around to, printables are doable and not just aspirational. You can download and print a print-it-yourself PDF file as soon as you find it. Or pin your printable and then really follow through with printing it when the right occasion comes up. From banners to wall art or cupcake toppers to party straws, you have instant decor right at your fingertips.

Do you use print-it-yourself printables?

So with all that said, do you use print-it-yourself printables? If yes, what’s your favorite thing about them? If no, what’s holding you back? Is there something intimidating about printing them yourself? Please respond in the comments.

And finally, Here’s my latest Easter Printable

I created the free Easter Sayings Flags Printable as an easy way to add Easter charm for your Easter parties or just-because it’s Easter. They are perfect for embellishing your desserts or party straws. However you use them, the first step is downloading your free file!

So download your free PDF file, then print it on white cardstock and cut out each flag using a ruler and craft knife or scissors.

If using on party straws, I used silver paper party straws (find similar ones here) and then folded each flag and attached to a straw using double-sided tape (you can also use glue).

Before adding the flags, I also attached a faux flower and then covered the stem of each flower with the flag. Adds a little extra charm.

FREE Easter Flags Printable and DIY Party Straws via Tonality Designs

FREE Easter Flags Printable and DIY Party Straws via Tonality Designs

FREE Easter Flag Printable and DIY Party Straws via Tonality Designs

FREE Easter Flag Printable and DIY Party Straws via Tonality Designs

So how will you use your FREE Easter Flags? I’d love to see what you do so be sure to share your pictures on Instagram and tag me (@tonalitydesigns). I often share my favorite pictures on my account.

Download the free Print-It-Yourself files from this post

Easter Saying Flags

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