Printable Partners In Wine Valentine - a "Classroom" Valentine Idea for Adults
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Printable Partners In Wine Valentine

Why should kids have all the fun with the “punny” classroom Valentine DIYs? You know you’ve seen them all over Pinterest and perhaps have even made a few for your kids. For example, a tag reads, “You’re the BALM, Valentine,” and it’s attached to chapstick. Or donuts with a card that says, “I donut know what I would do without you, Valentine.” Or the Silly Straw Valentines I made this year where the tag says, “Stay silly, my friend!” You get the idea. Super cheesy, yet super cute. However, all are geared to kids. Where’s the adult fun? Valentines don’t have to be just for our significant other. We can spread the love and still give each other valentines too, don’t you think? So this Printable Partners In Wine Valentine is my adult take on if Pinterest was full of adult “classroom” valentines.  And I know a few friends I can gift it to. What about you?

The how-to is super simple, but I’m providing step-by-step instructions in case you want to make it exactly like mine. For example, I wanted my loop of twine to not have a bow or knot showing so below I describe how I accomplished that polished look.


  • FREE Print-It-Yourself Partners In Wine Valentine PDF file
  • White paper rope (available at Micheals) or use white twine or ribbon
  • Hole Punch
  • X-acto Knife and Ruler or Scissors
  • Mod Podge or White Glue (optional)
  • Your Favorite Wine or Other Wine-related Gift Idea


  1. Download the FREE Print-it-Yourself Partners in Wine Valentine PDF file. Print your file on white cardstock. For help with how to print our PDF files, see my Print-It-Yourself Tips page.
  2. Cutout your tag and three small flags using your X-acto knife and ruler (or scissors). Punch a hole at the top of each of your pieces.
    Printable Partners in Wine Valentine
  3. Layer your 3 small flags over top of the larger tag and attach your white paper rope or twine.  I didn’t want to see a bow or knot, so I folded my piece of twine in half and inserted the loop from the front to the back. I then inserted the long threads into the loop and pulled tight. (See photo above.)
    Printable Partners in Wine Valentine
  4. Make your loop. Use your wine bottle to create the right size for your loop. Tie a knot. Cut the tails of your knot a little over a 1/2″ long.
  5. Wrap the tails of your knot around the loop you created and use your Mod Podge/white glue to glue the loose ends to your loop. It should look like one solid loop and you won’t be able to see the tails of your knot any more (see photo above). Let dry.
  6. Attach your finished tag to your wine bottle or wine related gift.

Printable Partners In Wine Valentine - a "Classroom" Valentine Idea for Adults

These would be fun to drop off at a few friends’ houses, but you could also use this idea as a hostess gift if attending any parties this month. Or if you’re hosting a Galentine’s Day party, wouldn’t these make great favors? And you don’t have to attach them to a bottle of wine. You could give a wine glass or decorative wine stopper. Really anything related to wine. Have fun with it and make it yours.

Printable Partners In Wine Valentine - a "Classroom" Valentine Idea for Adults

I especially love the simple detail of layering the three small flags to the top. It just adds a little extra charm.

Printable Partners In Wine Valentine - a "Classroom" Valentine Idea for Adults

Printable Partners In Wine Valentine - a "Classroom" Valentine Idea for Adults

So who might you give these to this Valentine’s Day? Who will always be your partner in wine? Or what adult “classroom” valentine would you hope to get? Let me know in the comments. I would love to hear your ideas.

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Partners In Wine Valentine

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    Hi Amy,

    You’re so talented! What I love your project it is a fabulous printable, and it is so cute and so fun, and perfect for Valentine’s Day! Your photos are amazing, and your design is incredible! Thanks so much for joining our Friday Friends Parade Linky Party!

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