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Serve Weekend “Let Your Light Shine” Women’s Event

My church does Serve Weekend every year and for the past two years I’ve helped with a women’s event for the Salvation Army. We do a day of beauty and relaxation where hairdressers, nail stylists and makeup artist donate their time and skills to bless women who don’t normally get to indulge in these things. We also have volunteers for childcare so the women can really have the time for relaxing. Plus their kid’s also get haircuts and at the end they have family portraits taken by professional photographers. And let’s not forget all the food that is donated for the amazing lunch. It’s a pretty awesome event and I’m honored to be a part of it every year.

My part is in helping organize the flow of the event & also create the party decor!  We decorate the different beauty stations as well as set a beautiful table for sharing lunch together. With the decor, I always want to incorporate sayings that remind us that beauty comes from within and God’s love for us. This year the theme was “Let Your Light Shine” and we had a lot of wonderful sayings to inspire all of us to remember that we are God’s children and we’re all loved, we’re all enough, we’re all beautiful and we’re all worthy!

Here I’ll share the decor we created, unfortunately we can’t show any pictures during the event because we have to be careful about showing the women and children from Salvation Army.

Sparkle & Shine Gold Party Decor by Tonality Designs

We kept the color pallet simple – shades of gold, turquoise & white. We used: turquoise table cloths; gold polka dot wrapping paper for table runners; gold wrapped vases with white hydrangeas; and succulents planted in white ceramic jars, rustic wooden pots and mercury glass votives.

Sparkle & Shine Gold Party Decor by Tonality Designs

Of course we used my signature look of adding party printables to the flower arrangements! We did a variety of shapes (stars, hearts, banners) in both turquoise and gold and featured a variety of inspirational sayings to really give the party personality. We also used party straws with sparkle banners to help pull everything together.


Sparkle & Shine Gold Party Decor by Tonality Designs

The” Sparkle & Shine” and “Shine Bright” banners were printed turquoise and white and then we used a Gold Metallic Marker to fill in the words. Adds that extra sparkle!

Sparkle & Shine Gold Party Decor by Tonality Designs

It was so fun to see even the men get into it! Love the teamwork and love put into creating the gifts for the women. The blessing on the gift tag also summed up the spirit of the event perfect: May the Lord bless you and keep you and make His face to SHINE upon you and give you PEACE!


Sparkle & Shine Gold Party Decor by Tonality Designs

Inspirational sayings were hung at the different beauty stations!

Serve Weekend WACC Salvation Army Women's Event

In this moment, the volunteers gather to pray over the event.

Serve Weekend WACC Salvation Army Women's Event

My friend captured a picture of me with the tables we set. It was a day I’ll always remember.


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