Trick or Treat FREE Printable
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Trick or Treat Free Printable

Are you wondering why I attached my free print-it-yourself Trick or Treat Tags to whole bags of Halloween candy? As if anyone needs a whole bag of Halloween candy. Well, do you trick-or-treat in your neighborhood or do you go to a popular neighborhood that goes all out? I grew up in the “it” neighborhood for Halloween. Our little village town had a population around 5,000 yet on Halloween my house would get at least 800-900 trick-or-treaters every year. (Yes, my dad counted each year.) In order to have that many kids in our hood, people clearly had to drive from neighboring towns. It made for an extremely fun night, but can you imagine buying enough candy for almost 1,000 trick-or-treaters? Needless to say, our house gave out Tootsie Rolls and Dum Dums. No Reese’s Cups or “good” candy found at 231 North Granger.

I tell you this because if you don’t stay local on Halloween night, you may consider dropping off a bag of candy at a friend’s house that is in the neighborhood you go to. Because believe me, if you are driving there, others are too. And do it this week so they can buy one less bag of candy in preparation for Halloween. Trust me, they will be oh so grateful—and probably a little shocked by such a thoughtful gesture.

Trick or Treat FREE Printable

And of course you don’t have to attach a gift tag, but I’m providing the Trick or Treat Printable for free in case you do want to take the time to add a thank you note.

Trick or Treat FREE Printable

You can also use the printable as decor. They look great tied around a vase of fall blooms or use it as a favor tag. Have fun with it.

Halloween Printable Tags as Banner

Halloween Printable Tags

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In addition to the FREE Trick or Treat Printable, I designed a Halloween Printable Collection with 8 other card designs that match. These cards are available as an “Instant Download” in my Etsy shop and come in two different sizes.

Trick or Treat FREE Printable

Download the Print-It-Yourself Files Used In This Post

Trick or Treat Free Printable

FREE Halloween Photo Backdrop

2017 Halloween Printable Collection on Etsy

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