5 Fall Style Tips Beyond Pumpkins
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5 Fall Style Tips Beyond Pumpkins

How do you decorate for fall? I bet most of you (including me) thought of “pumpkins” first. And while I love decorating with pumpkins, there’s so much more to fall decorating. Yet since the focus seems to always be on pumpkins, I thought it would be nice to point out some other style elements we can add to our space during fall. So here are 5 Fall Style Tips Beyond Pumpkins.

You’ll notice, most of the example pictures I share have all 5 style tips. For example, the above picture has 1: Mixed Metals, 2: Dried Hydrangeas, 3: Seasonal Grocery Store Finds, 4: Natural Woods, and 5: Plaids, Buffalo Check or Other Texture. Proof these things can come together and create a beautiful space.

5 Fall Style Tips Beyond Pumpkins

1: Mixed Metals

Gold, copper, brass, silver, galvanized, mercury glass… it all goes together and the warmth it adds is decidedly fall. Copper and brass accessories are readily available at thrift stores and antique shops. While shopping keep an eye out for copper kitchen accessories or brass candlesticks. Galvanized accessories can be found at big-box stores like Target, Homegoods and Pottery Barn, but also at antique shops. As for mercury glass, look for mercury glass votive holders. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes and patterns that instantly provide an eclectic look. They are available this time of year at most home decor stores like West Elm, Pottery Barn, Target, Homegoods, etc.

5 Fall Style Tips Beyond Pumpkins

2: Dried Hydrangeas

The beauty of darker hydrangeas that are available in the fall is they naturally dry just as pretty. So you won’t just have them all fall, but years to come.  I’ve had the stems pictured here for three years now and they still look fantastic. I love their purple, green and pink fall tones.

5 Fall Style Tips Beyond Pumpkins

3: Seasonal Grocery Store Finds

There are so many natural options to add to your decor this time of year. Create a “Modern Cornucopia” and display your apples, pears, pomegranates, squashes, etc. in a nice bowl or pedestal cake stand. Another option is to use cranberries or nuts as a vase filler. You can also string together cranberries for a garland. The options are endless. Edible decor is always a good thing.

5 Fall Style Tips Beyond Pumpkins

4: Natural Woods

When juxtaposed with all the metals, natural woods bring a warmth and casual feel to your space.

5 Fall Style Tips Beyond Pumpkins

5: Plaids, Buffalo Check & Other Textures

Add much needed color and texture through interesting fabrics. Plaids, buffalo check, burlap and linen are fun ways to change up any space.

So how will you add these fall elements into your space? I’d love to see how you decorate. Post your pictures on Instagram and tag me, @tonalitydesigns.

5 Fall Style Tips Beyond Pumpkins

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    Gloribell Lebron
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    This is so beautiful! Love these ideas and options for Fall.

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