Printable Silly Straw Valentine
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Printable Silly Straw Valentines

Classroom Valentines are a fun opportunity to get a little creative, but we are also very busy people, so it’s nice if the idea is simple too. I know my sister likes to have her kids give non-candy Valentines so I thought, “What do kids like that hasn’t been done over and over on Pinterest already?” Plus, I wanted a positive message that encourages kids to be unique, be awesome—be silly! I happened to have these silly straws that my cousin’s kids love using whenever they come over and so the idea seemed obvious. These Printable Silly Straw Valentines print four to a page and with just a couple hole punches, they’re easy to attach to any straw you find.

So they’re creative (check), simple to execute (check), non-candy (check), something kids love (check) and have a positive message (check)! Seems like a win to me.

Printable Silly Straw Valentines

I found my silly straws (also known as Krazy Straws or Crazy Straws) in the dollar bins at Michaels, but you can find others on Amazon, Target, Walmart, etc. Just look up “silly straw). Party City even has heart shaped straws that would be perfect. So have fun with it and make them your own.



  1. Download the free print-it-yourself Stay Silly Classroom Valentine PDF File.
  2. Print your PDF file on white cardstock. Prints 4 valentine’s per page. You can print at home or take to a printer like FedEx Office or Staples. For more detailed printing instructions, visit my Print-it-Yourself Tips page.
  3. Cut out each card. I use a ruler and X-ACTO knife, but you can use scissors.
  4. Punch a hole at the top and bottom and insert your straw into the holes.

Printable Silly Straw Valentine

Printable Silly Straw Valentine

Printable Silly Straw Valentine

For more Valentine’s Day ideas, be sure to visit my All Things Valentines page. It has ideas ranging from throwing a Galentine’s Day Party to Valentine’s Day inspired home decor. It’s such a fun holiday, even if it is a Hallmark holiday (wink).

Download the FREE Print-it-yourself files used in this post

Stay Silly Classroom Valentine

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